RTF Series (1 kN to 300 kN)

The TENSILON RTF is our newest universal testing machine offering innovative measuring possibilities, based on A&D's newly-developed and extensive technological knowledge. The RTF Series is a world-class Class 0.5 testing machine. Having improved the overall design and structure of the machine, we achieved a very strong load frame stiffness enabling super-high accuracy in measurement. We also took the informed opinions of machine operators into consideration in order to improve the performance and functions of our model. The TENSILON RTF Series heralds the beginning of a new era in measurement.




  •  A&D's world-class Class 0.5 testing machine 
  •  Load frame stiffness has been greatly improved by 30% 
  •  Rated output accuracy of up to 1/500 is guaranteed 
  •  High-speed sampling:1 msec 
  •  A maximum of 13 input signal channels 
  •  Color touch panel (optional) 
  •  Various operational environments