Sentinel C28WE

Sentinel C28WE - เครื่องทดสอบรั่วด้วยแรงลม (Air Leak tester)

The Sentinel C28WE pressure decay or vacuum decay instrument is Cincinnati Test System’s latest addition to the technologically advanced Sentinel leak test instrument family. The C28WE utilizes test algorithms processed on an advanced 32-bit system, giving it fast and repeatable results in a more compact package.

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Testing Technologies

Single Test Configurable for Pressure or Vacuum Decay Test Requirements                

  • Pressure/Vacuum decay-pressure change
  • Pressure/Vacuum decay-with certified mass flow leak standard
  • Pressure/Vacuum decay-pressure change/time
  • Occlusion test (vacuum or pressure test)
  • Storage for 32 pre-programmed test sequences
  • Test Program can be selected through keypad, or binary input pulse
  • Test results evaluation is fixed (Fail/Pass/Fail)
  • Test result output format is configurable

Selectable Test Parameters

  •  Quick Test
  •  Test Pressure Level Compensation
  • Adjustable Environmental Drift Correction per test program


Advanced Product Features

  • Wall mount configuration 9” W x 6.5” H x 7.25” D
  • Powerful 32-bit processor & 24 –bit A/D converter
  • Language neutral color LCD 12 line 480 x 272 operator display
  • Bar Graph display  (pressure, loss, or flow)-English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish
  • Individual LED Pass/Fail/In-test test status indicators
  • Expanded instrument control through EtherNet/IP™ Communication
  • Modular pneumatic and control packages
  • Single test channel

Standard Features

  • Auto Calibration includes mass flow leak standard certified for pressure and flow
  • Transducer zero and span are automatically reset during auto calibration
  • “Performance factor” calibration feedback ensures accurate results
  • Manual edit of Calibration Program permitted
  • Self Test isolates the test instrument pneumatics to verify a “no leak” condition
  • Features ensure accurate results and easy operator setup and troubleshooting
  • Firmware validation document included

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