Sentinel I28 Leak Detection System


Sentinel I28 Leak Detection System - เครื่องทดสอบรั่วด้วยแรงลม (Air Leak tester)

Cincinnati Test Systems’ Sentinel I28 is one of the most advanced multi-functional test instrument on the market. This single-station air flow and leak detection system features a standard valve manifold design that is tested for over 40,000,000 cycles. This manifold is paired with a new high performance pressure transducer that reduces test cycle times and improves accuracy and repeatability. A high contrast 24 bit color TFT display provides XY graphing for pressure, loss, or flow.

Sentinel I28 Leak Testing Technologies

The Sentinel I28 leak detection system is configurable for a variety of pressure decay testing or mass flow testing requirements. It provides storage for up to 99 pre-programmed test sequences, and features a “Parent Program” that holds a customized test sequence for your multi-test application.

The test program can be selected via keypad, RS232, or binary. Test result evaluation is user-selectable (fail/pass/fail, etc.). The output format for test results can be configured to meet your needs.

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Advanced Features

  • Powerful 32-bit processor with 24-bit A/D converter
  • Language-neutral color LCD with 12 line, 480 x 272 operator display
  • XY graphing (pressure, loss, or flow)
  • English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish language options
  • Indicator light bar identifies test status: Pass/Fail/In-test
  • Expanded instrument control through EtherNet/IP™ communication
  • Barcode-ready input RS232 alpha-numeric string stored with test results
  • Modular pneumatic and control packages

Standard Features

  • Auto calibration includes mass flow leak standard certified for pressure and flow
  • Transducer zero and span are automatically reset during auto calibration
  • “Performance factor” calibration feedback ensures accurate results
  • Manually configurable calibration program
  • Self-test isolates the Sentinel I28’s pneumatics to verify a “no leak” condition
  • Firmware validation document included

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